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Friday, September 30, 2016

And You Think There's No Voter Fraud? This One Hits Close to Home!

He died in 2014 and just registered to vote in Virginia!

This is why we need photo IDs to vote in both federal and local elections. You need to present an ID every time you go to the doctors to prevent medical fraud. You need to present a photo ID in many places to use your credit card. Please, tell me why voters shouldn't have to present a photo ID to vote.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Guest Post: Are the US Bishops for Sale? (Reminder: Love of Money is the Root of All Evil)

Shouldn't that goat be wearing his mitre?
The Judas Goat and the American Catholic Future

by Tom McFadden, Sr.

Any Christian following the news must surely be aware of the potential threat to his safety and religious freedom that has been created in the recent decade by the Federal Government’s program to settle in the U.S. hundreds of thousands of Muslims. The potential threat has become a reality in so many cases in recent years as American-born children of Muslim “refugees” have engaged in mass murder while the politically-compromised FBI has tried to cover up their Muslim-inspired motives.
These Muslims are called “refugees”, a term which invokes images of helplessness and desperation which naturally provokes sympathy. In fact, most of those brought here were not refugees. A refugee, according to the UN definition, is a person who leaves a dangerous place (such as a war-torn country) and goes to a safe place. For example, when a Muslim refugee reaches Turkey or some other safe country in Europe or Africa he ceases to be a refugee. His moving on from there to another safe place (like the U.S.) is migration. He is a migrant. Yet these migrants are treated far differently from others, such as Christian Mexicans, who may wish to migrate to the U.S. but cannot legally.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fatima and Akita contain serious warnings for the world. Pay Attention!

It is instructive to study the history of St. Margaret Mary as well. She begged King Louis XIV in 1689 to follow Our Blessed Lord's instructions to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He did not and neither did his successors. Louis XVI did it privately in jail after he had been deposed and was no longer king. It did not save him or his family from the guillotine.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fr. Tom Collins Adds His Opinion to the Presidential Debates.

I pray that the observations below, seeking to get the beam out of my own eye,
will help all of us to appreciate more deeply our need for the regenerative grace
offered to the world by Christ through the gracious ministry of His Holy Spirit.
Thank God that the gates of hell cannot prevail against a repenting heart.
Please pray for the ongoing conversion of all us pastors.
In Christ,
Fr. Tom

Many have fallen into the trap of capitulating to media propaganda by agreeing
with the premise that Trump is “the lesser of two evils”.  Although I do not agree
100% with everything he is proposing, I cannot find anything pro-actively and objectively
“evil” in what Trump is proposing for our nation.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fr Theodore Hesburgh, Enemy of the Catholic Faith, on 2017 Postage Stamp

       In 2017, the United States Postal Service will celebrate an enemy of the authentic Catholic Faith on one of its postage stamps. Fr. Theodore M. Hesburgh (1917-2015), a leading proponent of the liberal agenda and the one-time President of Notre Dame University, was not a model Catholic educator. Not only was Fr. Hesburgh not a model Catholic educator, but he was actually PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE in the Catholic community for almost single-handedly being responsible for the elimination of orthodox Catholic teaching in our once Catholic Universities, and destroying their commitment to authentic Catholic education by fostering their conversion to a university status, completely independent of Catholic control. Consider that:
  • Fr. Hesburgh was the leading promoter of the LAND O’LAKES document in 1967, which was the “Declaration of Independence” of Catholic Universities from Church authority at that time, and remains so to this day. As a result of Fr. Hesburgh’s influence, once proudly Catholic Universities, such as Notre Dame, Georgetown, Fordham, and Boston College have lost their essential Catholic character.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Do You REALLY Think Putin is a Christian? Wake Up from Your Delusional Sleep!

Listen to their own words!

Putin, Soros, Hillary,
Working together for America's Downfall

By David Martin

Vladimir Putin is eyeing with glee the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming the next U.S. president. Her long-standing history of aiding the Russians is no secret, and the Kremlin is hoping to use her as their pawn to fully convert America to a socialist state—a plan that was greatly advanced through Barack Obama.

A Catholic's Voter Guide: It's Clearly a MORTAL SIN to vote for Hillary Clinton!

There's been plenty of chatter on blogs and Facebook, etc. arguing about what is moral and not moral in voting this year. Several of my readers have passed along this voters' guide from an orthodox priest with a doctorate in Moral Law and a legal degree in civil law. As you try to form your conscience to vote in the election in November, why not give this priest's opinion serious consideration. After all, you do want to make your decisions with a "correct" conscience, don't you -- and not one formed by the media or your own biases? It is clear from the principles here that voting for Hillary Clinton is a mortal sin. Not voting for Donald Trump who has promised to limit many of the evils supported by the Democratic party is to act like the "stupid Galatians" as Paul calls them. Can Donald Trump be trusted? We won't know unless we give him a chance.   We know Hillary can be trusted -- to do all the evil she's promised and more! Please don't be stupid in November. Even worse -- don't commit the mortal sin of voting for Hillary and the party of death! As for not voting, how is that being a responsible citizen?                                            Mary Ann

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Our Liberal Perceptions of Life will be the Cause of our Demise

Our Liberal Perceptions of Life will be the Cause of our Demise

Sent by God - Conception and Ensoulment
Jean Mansel, from a fifteenth-century French manuscript

The following is an excerpt from a few weeks ago in our parish bulletin, written by our Pastor who I’m sure wants to remain anonymous.

“We are living in a very delicate and fragile moment in the history of our humanity and if we don’t take the time and stop a while to understand the true nature of the human person, we are going to make a lot of mistakes. When God creates someone, He knows who He brings into the world. He knows who that person is: this is His child and He cares about him. So, because of the philosophical turmoil in which we are in this day and age, some fail to understand that there is a natural law that goes hand in hand with the reality of the human person.

Great Video Exposing Planned Parenthood Liars and their Bogus 3% Solution