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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Democrats Can't Blame This One on Trump and the Republicans!

Well the government's back up or will be imminently. The Democrat bullies couldn't withstand the heat. But they showed just how despicable they are with this latest shut down. They will do anything to get their liberal agenda through no matter how many Americans it hurts. It's time to shut down these folks. Work to elect government officials who care about the country. Schumer, Pelosi, Kaine, and their buddies in the Democrat party aren't among them. It's time to boot these hoodlums out of Congress!

Console Your Mother's Heart on the Bloodiest Anniversary in History

Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that overthrew EVERY law protecting unborn babies and, in fact, legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy in every state in the union.

In our country alone, clinic abortions have massacred 60 million babies who should be in the safest place on earth, their mommies' wombs. And that doesn't include the babies killed by abortifacients mislabeled as "contraception." The numbers worldwide are staggering. And the problems related to abortion are legion!

In the past 45 years, abortion has devalued the lives of every human person to the point that all the vulnerable are at risk. The abortion lobby promised that out of wedlock births, child abuse, and unwanted pregnancies would be reduced by abortion. The opposite happened. In fact, all those problems increased. Why wouldn't they? If you can kill a child up to birth, why wouldn't you slap around your sassy two-year-old. He's your property after all. Roe v. Wade said so! Studies show that most abused children were "wanted" by their parents.

Pray the rosary today to console the hearts of Jesus and Mary and for the conversion of those committed to the murder of the innocent.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

In the Shadow of the Battle Between Life and Death, It is Good to Meditate on Hell

On Friday, the defenders of the most defenseless took to the streets of Washington to witness and give a voice to the babies. "Love Saves Lives!" was their theme and those who spoke illustrated it.

Yesterday, in contrast, the servants of hell in their vagina hats with their pro-abortion signs and their lewd messages took to the streets to champion the mortal sins of murder and lust.

Why Presidential Words Matter!

Thanks be to God for The Remnant, a Catholics newspaper that witnesses to the remnant who still embrace the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No matter how many or few we are, the truth we speak is magnified by The Truth Himself and by His Mother. Pray and fast for life!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

#WhyWeMarch: Reflections on the March for Life 2018

I didn't go to the March for Life yesterday for several reasons, but I watched the rally program on EWTN and have been reviewing commentary and videos.

What an incredible event! And what an incredible crowd! 

For the first time a sitting President addressed the March live and in person even inviting a contingent to be there in the Rose Garden for the event. Surrounded by parents with smiling children and babes in arms, he gave an inspiring talk including saying he would sign the bill banning abortions for pain capable-infants in the womb when Congress puts it on his desk. It isn't enough, but it will save many. Let us all pray and fast that it happens!

Pro-Life Faculty at Notre Dame Address University President Fr. John Jenkins

It's good to know that there are at least a few faculty members at Notre Dame who are challenging the university's abortion/contraception health coverage. Please pray that Fr. Jenkins attendance at the March so touched his heart that he will rescind the evil policy that the administration has put in place that allows the murder of babies, the attack on innocence, and the violation of parental rights. Please, Notre Dame alumni, write to the school and object to their very anti-Catholic behavior. It's hard to understand an ordained priest shaking his fist at God. One wonders what the underlying motivation is: money? power? blackmail? There must be more to the story considering the damage to Notre Dame's reputation by fighting for the exemption as a conscience issue and then immediately doing a 180 and voluntarily instituting the mandate. For more in-depth coverage of the scandals at Notre Dame visit the Sycamore Trust. And if you are currently a student at Notre Dame be sure to check out this site to see how you can get an authentic Catholic education at the school which is becoming increasingly challenging.

Open letter to Fr. John Jenkins

Friday, January 19, 2018

#WhyWeMarch: Tim Tebow's Mom to Address Rose Dinner and March for Life

Praise God for those who love the Lord and know he is the Lord of Life. "For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son."

Doctors urged Pam Tebow to abort her 5th child, Heisman Trophy winner Tim. She refused. Today she addresses the hundreds of thousands attending the March for Life. Tonight she addresses attendees at the Rose Dinner. Pray for her and her family and all those marching for life today. The pro-aborts would prefer that Tim never saw the light of day.

#WhyWeMarch: On the Day of the March for Life Remember This Great Pope!

I've been reading the encyclicals of Pope Pius XI. He reigned from February 1922 to February 1939 between the two world wars. It was a time of both moral and political upheaval. In his book, Vicars of Christ, Charles Coulombe describes the problems faced by the new pope who was elected on the 14th ballot of the conclave:
[Pope Pius XI] faced a number of enormous problems brought about by the course of World War I; for the first time since Constantine, there were no Christian emperors -- indeed, there was no great power at all with a professedly Christian outlook. Moreover, Russia was actively exporting revolution....the defeat of Greece by Turkey in 1922 resulted in virtually the entire Armenian and Greek population of Asia Minor being driven out of Asia Minor (or killed). Thus, for the first time since St. Paul of Tarsus, a region once as Christian as Italy or Spain was almost totally bereft of the faithful....The construction of a power vacuum by the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the creation of the Weimar Republic boded badly for continued peace in Europe. The intial replacement of the "autocratic" Central European regimes with poorly established "democratic ones" would indeed be followed up by true totalitarian ones."

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Guess Who's Leading Notre Dame's Delegation to the March for Life

What St. Nicholas would do to Fr. Jenkins!
...President John Jenkins, cheerleader for Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion president in history!

Yup, Fr. Jenkins in his philacteries and bells is leading Notre Dame's delegation to the March for Life.

This is the same Fr. Jenkins who made a point of crucifying pro-lifers who protested Notre Dame honoring Obama.  And if that doesn't make his presence the hypocrisy of the year, he is also responsible for making sure that faculty and students can kill babies in the womb with abortifacient birth control provided in the school's health plan.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thought for the Day: We Gotta Get Outta This Place

I got up this morning with this song in my head and haven't been able to get rid of it yet.

It occurred to me